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    IT security is key to every
    modern day business
    IT can be a bit of a minefield
    but luckily for you we know
    exaclty where those mines are hidden

IT Security

You have to protect your business premises with locks and alarms to keep it safe, and you also use passwords to keep your files private. Anti-virus protection is equally vital, as it will protect your business data from being lost or stolen from a virus or cyber-attack.

With the increased business reliance on IT infrastructure, it’s more important than ever to invest in a secure system to prevent data-loss or business downtime and keep productivity levels at their highest.

Data Productions are proud to partner with Sophos to offer security solutions which are easy to use and highly effective against malicious viruses and malware.

This security solution is used by over 100 million devices worldwide, protecting Windows, Mac, smartphones and other virtualised systems. All your systems are covered by one management console which quickly reacts to new threats based on their reputation database.

The latest version of Sophos is a cloud-hosted service which means you don’t have to worry about your current hardware or additional software. We can also provide a local network solution if the cloud version doesn't fit your business.

We set up all the security you need and remove old antivirus software from your system. You will have access to a dashboard which displays your protection status, events and actions across all supported platforms, or leave it to us to completely manage the solution for you.

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