IT solutions for a better tomorrow
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    Already have an existing IT team?
    We can offer a helping hand
    An extra pair of hands can make all the difference!
    We can provide temporary cover for staff on annual
    or sick leave as an extension of your current setup.

Existing In-House IT Team?

Have you decided to manage your IT support and systems internally? Struggling with open calls, slow implementations and staff leave? Why not ask for a helping hand

We're more than happy to work alongside your existing IT support team to provide a better experience for your employees. We can supply engineers to help with busy periods including new system implementations, mass software updates, holiday cover or just provide a different perspective on the latest bit of technology.

Our unique personal approach to IT support services means that we can seemlessly integrate with your current support team. You will be granted access to friendly engineers who are used to working under pressure, whilst maintaining a cool head and a warm smile. Our engineer(s) can work remotely or attend site and work side-by-side with your current staff.

What are the benefits?

Your business will benefit from having direct access to a pool of experience and a fresh unbisased outlook on modern technology without the added costs of employing a permanent member of staff.

Rather than employing a temporary member of staff from an agency you can work with a hard working team of experts that are keen to make a difference. We have our business image to maintain, resulting in a higher drive than a temporary member of staff who is just running their course before moving on to the next project regardless of their success in your business.

Why not give it a try?

If you want to find out how this could help your business during a busy period simply enter your email address below and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively call us today on 0330 223 3634

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