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    Automatic cloud data backup
    ensures you always a recovery point
    Take the pain out of your backups
    automate them to a cloud service
    for assured backup completion

Cloud Data Backup Services

One of the most valuable assets to businesses of all sizes is your business data, so what would you do tomorrow if you turned on your computer and it was all gone?

Data Productions provide a fully automated cloud data backup service to take away the pain from having to do your own personal backups or, even worse, forgetting to do so.

Firstly, we will work alongside you to ensure you’re backing up the correct data and then we will manage your data backup and install data recovery plans.

To transfer your data all we’ll need to use is your existing internet connection to get it over to our secure servers for offsite storage to protect your business data.

Typical Price Points


25GB Workstation Backup - £10 per month

500GB Workstation Backup - £45 per month

1GB Workstation Backup - £80 per month


150GB Server Backup - £35 per month

500GB Server Backup - £65 per month

2 TB Server Backup - £180 per month

Want some more information?

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