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Business Continuity

Business continuity is the term given to a set of processes/actions that are triggered when you suffer a disaster. A disaster could be anything from a power outage, a fire/flood, loss of internet, data corruption and much more.

At Data Productions we utilise a wide range of tactics to ensure your business can continue as normal should one of the above happen. An example of this is a hosted desktop setup which works without any on-site servers and relies only an internet connection. This means should you lose your building through a fire all employees could work remotely on the exact same systems as they would do whilst in the office.

Another popular service is a pay per minute disaster recovery solution. This systsem is created as an exact replica of your current setup but then disabled without any costs being incurred. If you then have to enable 'disaster recovery mode' you are billed only for what you use and the moment it's turned back off and you switch back to normal operation the costs switch back off.

Having a business continuity plan can prevent a complete shutdown of your business which could seriously damage not only your reputation but also your finances and potentially close your business for good.

All of our solutions benefit from random periodic tests so you can be sure if disaster does strike you can simply failover into BC and continue working as normal.

We will either help by drawing up a risk analysis statement and passing that onto you or guide you through the process and work closely with you to ensure the correct procedures are put in place to keep your systems operational and keep productity high all year round.

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